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for top precision and reliability

Our automation and visualisation systems give you reliable and simple control in complex systems as well as easy-to-use access to operational data. Clearly structured and ergonomic control panels ensure intuitive operation using optimised process visualisation.

Our services naturally include smooth integration of existing systems as well as appropriate safety concepts.

PROCESS OPTIMISATION thanks to smart automation and visualisation:

By means of innovative electrode control the number of electrodes and power consumption can be significantly reduced. The same applies to power-on time. Continuous data recording supports melting protocol creation for tracking production batches.

BK Services automation and control concepts provide maximum process stability spanning the complete steel manufacturing technology available. Displaying and logging all current process parameters give a reliable overview of operations while analyzing data for preventive maintenance. 
Operating and monitoring interfaces provide clear overview screens, system alarms and warnings as well as convenience of integrated visualization and easy change of parameters.